Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Computer Viruses

Now days scenario is this the virus removal seems everywhere, and infecting more people than normal. And last few months I have seen more infections from virus that I have never seen in past ten years.

I doesn’t matter what kind of antivirus you are using, they often can’t protect you. So it shows we have need to take some step to avoid infection, as well as be proactive in how you approach your computer use in avoiding viruses.

So first of think about it from where these virus come and need to care full about it. So most of computer infections come from email programs. Be very careful whenever you are receiving a file through email you shouldn’t open it if it sees doubtful, don’t open. And second thing from where these kind of infections is website also so be care ful about whenever you are surfing any site. Many users have been making the transition from Microsoft Internet Explorer, and moving to Mozilla Firefox. It's a great program that gets awesome reviews because most virus built to work only with IE so that Firefox block that virus.

And third point whenever you downloaded illegal software so don’t download illegal softwareBy simply being a little more suspicious with your computer as well as avoiding problem spots as mentioned above you should be able to avoid most computer virus issues. Best of luck and keep virus free.

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