Friday, February 6, 2009

Internet Explorer 7 operates in much the same way as earlier versions of the Web browser. You
type the URL of the site you want to visit in the Address bar, you click the Back and Forward
buttons to return to previous pages and then back again, you click the Favorites button to add the
sites you really like to your Favorites, and so on. That said, Internet Explorer 7 also offers several
new features. For example, tabbed browsing enables users to open multiple sites in a single
browser window — the upshot being that there are fewer taskbar buttons to contend with. Internet Explorer support 7 also enables users to subscribe to feeds — that is, syndicated Web
content, such as news feeds, blogs, and so on. Perhaps more important, Internet Explorer 7
includes greatly enhanced security. To start Internet Explorer 7, click Start and click

1) Type a URL in the Address bar.

2) Click Refresh to refresh the currently
displayed site.

3) Click Stop to stop the page-loading

4) To search the Web, type a keyword or
phrase in the Live Search field and
press Enter.

5) Click Back and Forward to return to
previous pages and back again.

6) Click Favorites to view your Favorites.

7) Click Add to Favorites to add the
currently displayed page to your

8) View and switch between tabs here.

9) Click Home to return to the site
displayed when Internet Explorer 7
is launched.

10) Click Feeds to view subscribed feeds.

11) Click Print to print the currently
displayed page.

12) Click Page to access page options,
such as Zoom.

13) Click Tools to access tools, such as the
Phishing Filter.
l View security settings here, and
double-click to change them.

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