Friday, July 24, 2009

How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

Follow the below step to speed up firefox

Okay, well. To begin with, I will tell you how to increase your bandwidth speed by 19%.
Windows actually reserves 19% of your bandwidth for purposes I will never know. I’ll show you in a few easy steps, how to reclaim it.

Step 1:
Click “Start“, and go on “Run“, and type in “gpedit.msc“. You should see this:

Step 2: You should see a thing called ‘Group Policy’ open.

Step 3: Double-Click on “Computer Configuration”.

Step 4: Double-Click on “Administrative Templates”

Step 5: Double-Click on “Network”

Step 6: Double-Click on “QOS Packet Scheduler”

Step 7: Double-Click on “Limit Reservable Bandwidth”

Step 8: Check the box that says ‘Enabled’ and change Bandwidth Limit (%) to 0.

You got 19% increase on your bandwidth speed! Easy, was it not?

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