Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dial iYogi’s toll free number to access 24/7 online computer repair services.

With the advancement in the technology each day, the ways of providing customer support have also changed. Now, the Internet has become the strongest medium of communication and iYogi has adopted this tool as its medium to render world class computer repair services to its clients based across the globe.

You can access iYogi’s computer repair services at any hour of the day as its tech experts work round the clock to provide you world class computer repair services. At iYogi, you get perfect assistance for:

• Installation and re-installation of software
• Troubleshooting
• Configuring settings for Internet, e-mail, Office suite
• Windows updates
• Virus removal
• Installation of antivirus, antispyware
• PC optimization
• Data recovery

How do they do it?

iYogi is no doubt a technical leader, which has always tried its level best in providing utmost satisfaction with its computer repair services. This is why it has adopted the latest yet most simple tool for executing its services i.e. the Internet. When you call iYogi, a tech expert lend patient ear to your problem, and then establish remote connection with your computer. From there onwards, the technician assisting you takes the full control over your computer and all you are asked to do is to just sit back and relax. Once the remote desktop connection is established with your due permission, the technician diagnoses the entire computer thoroughly to find out the root cause of the problem. Further, making use of the latest tools and software, the technician fixes your technical issues instantly.

The best part of iYogi’s computer services is its unlimited support plan. By making a payment of just $139.99, you can access computer repair services for an entire year. Isn’t that too economical? Adding on, iYogi has perfect resources to provide assistance in fixing laptop or desktop of any brand, including HP, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Compaq, Gateway and many more.