Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Internet Explorer Browser Slow? Few Tips to Fix IE's Browser Problems and Boost System Performance

I think many computer users have experienced problems of their IE browser being slow. Sometimes the IE browser takes you a long time to open. Sometimes it even hangs or freezes in the middle of the way. Without a proper running IE browser, to surf the internet could be very challenging. Follow through the article and you will find several main reasons for this problem as well as the possible solution.

Disable Ctfmon.exe Process
The Ctfmon.exe Process is one of the main reasons for IE browser slow. It is mainly used in Window Internet Explorer7. The functions of this process is to monitor and control active windows and alternative input services such as handwriting, voice recognition and the word language bar. You can disable it if there is no need to use this process. By doing so, the open speed of IE browser can be optimized in a certain degree. You may follow the these steps to disable the process: Control panel---Regional and language options---language tab---click the details button---advanced Tab---click turn off advanced text service---click OK to finish.

Disable 'Plug and Play' feature

SSDP service is known as a problem which can cause application slow downs, this service will constantly search the new installed hardware devices such as printer, mouse, keyboard etc thus consume additional CPU usage. If there is no new hardware you want to install, it is recommended to disable it for the good sake. Here is how you to disable it: Control Panel---Administration tools---Services---search for "SSDP Discovery Service"---right click on it---click stop button at the top.

Clean up unwanted registry entries
Unwanted registry entry is another reason that cause IE browser slow. These entries mainly generated from programs you've uninstalled on the computer. Sometimes you think that you have successfully uninstalled a program, actually there were still many corrupted, redundant entries left in the Windows registry which make it lumpish and sluggish. The best solution is to use registry cleaner like Registry Easy to clean the registry regularly to maintain it as compact as possible.

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