Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How To Eliminate Browser Crash and Popup Ads Problem

For a long time I set aside seeing some or the other troubles with different internet explorer browsers and the worst of them used to be Popup ads. Popup ads abruptly appearing in a browser are really provoking and annoying. These days I have also started seeing a new frustrating browser problem a lot.
I kept searching Internet for finding some answer for this trouble but nothing helped. Then one of my friend who was experiencing the same problem, recommended me to try the latest version of Firefox with Google Toolbar installed in it. I tried it and Man, I have just one word for it - Excellent! My life with browsing is much easier now. This New Firefox with Google Toolbar never crash and is very easy to use.
To all others experiencing similar pop up ads and browser crash problems, I suggest using latest Firefox with Google toolbar to troubleshoot them.
Here are the new features which Firefox and Google toolbar together provides.
1. Improved tabbed browsing -
if you accidentally close a tab, just go to the History menu to bring it back from the list of "Recently Closed Tabs."
2. Spell Checking -
Firefox now has built-in spell checking to keep you from making any mistakes in your blog posts and Web-based email, so you can worry about more important things.
3. Search Suggestions -
Just start typing into the Search bar of Firefox, and a drop down list of suggestions will appear. (Works for Google, Yahoo! and Answers.com.)
4. Session Restore -
Losing your place while you're doing things on the Web is a pain. Now, with Session Restore, if Firefox has to restart or closes when it comes back you'll pick up exactly where you left off.
5. Pop-up Blocker -
Firefox and Google toolbar keeps you in control of the Web pages you're viewing, blocking annoying pop-ups.
6. Security Features –
virus removal, Phishing Protection(safeguard your financial information and protect you from identity theft), automatic Update (notifies you when a security update is available), Clear Private Data


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