Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Browsers : Microsoft , Google

New improved Browsers to surf the web Safer, We all can use a superior browser, to surf the web faster and with improved security. There are two new browsers one from Google and one from Microsoft.
Let’s check out some features of google's Chrome first. The features that are very exceptional I will go over here,the rest I will include a external link because it being a google project It includes videos.
One box for everything- this is cool you type into your address bar and the browser will recommend searches or sites that you have visited.
Importing settings- Just click on the wrench up at the top right of the google chrome window and scroll down to import settings then un check what items you do not want and scroll down to the browser you want to import from.
Browser Crash Control- This is great chrome has a built in task manager just right click an open area up top and it will bring up a menu,to say close a misbehaving tab or more.
Incognito mode- This mode enables the user to surf in a session that is not saved in the browser making it more private.
Safer Browser- Chrome has built in internet browser problem warnings of sites that may contain malware or that are phishing sites. Phishing site is one that Imitates another site or is a copycat site to trick you into giving your info, look for simple miss-spellings on the page.
Internet Explorer 8
In Private- This is a feature that can be turned on in the safety menu or a new tab. what is its ability? it is to surf without storing your session in the browser so its a more private surf.
Caret Browsing- Caret Browsing is new Accessibility feature that allows users to navigate a web page using a movable cursor thats on the screen and the keyboard. Users can select and copy text down to a single character using only the keyboard. Other content types, like table or images, can also be selected and copied.
Web Slices- Web Slices a new feature that allows users to connect to a web site by subscribing to content directly within a web page on that web site. Web Slices behave just like feeds, where users can subscribe to get updates and notifications of changes.
Automatic Crash Recovery- The Automatic Crash Recovery (ACR) feature of Internet Explorer 8 helps prevent the loss of work in the unlikely event of browser failure or nonresponse. ACR takes advantage of the Loosely Coupled feature of Internet Explorer to provide new crash recovery capabilities, including tab recovery, that will minimize interruptions to a browsing session.
Tab Grouping- This new characteristic of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 allows users to put up associated tabs--the tabs that start off from the same web page--into groups. Users can form tab groups in one of a few different ways, such as by opening a link from within a web page in another tab, or by right-clicking a specific tab and clicking New Tab. If, for example, a user decides to queue up several different search results, the related tabs will not only open next to the original search result page (as opposed to the end of the tab band) but will also be put all in one group represented by a solid color. Different colors for different browsing tasks--for example, a research project, an online shopping spree, or a set of news articles opened from the same newspaper web site--allow users to quickly identify the tabs.



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