Friday, December 26, 2008

Speed Up Your Browser

In today's internet world, many more sites are implementing features that take a much longer time to load with a slow internet connection. With the advancement of online technology, these websites are able to embed high quality videos, flash, high resolution photos, and java applications right into the web page.
Nothing is more frustrating then having to wait for a page to load while surfing the web or downloading files. Many times a person spends more time waiting for pages to load than actually visiting the pages themselves.
The speed at which your internet browser loads web pages can be attributed to a few factors. Some of these factors include whether you are using a model or a broadband connection, browser features, settings, and computer processing power. While you can't do much to change many of these factors without upgrading and spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars, there are a few simple things that you can do to make your web surfing more enjoyable.
One of the easiest things a person can do to slightly increase the speed at which their browser views or downloads files is already on your computer! The first thing you should try is setting your home page on your new browser to a blank page. This increases the speed at which your browser opens on start up so it doesn't have to load a website along with it. A second way to increase your browser's speed is to uncheck the loading of multimedia in your properties. Depending on the settings you choose, it will prevent your browser from loading multimedia items like videos and images when you open a web page, thus increasing the speed at which the page loads. A final way to increase your browser's speed using the resources on your computer is by making sure your computer is using temporary files. Your browser may store files on your computer to help websites load faster when you view them again so you want to make sure that this option is set.
While those are all great ways to increase your browser speed, sometimes that just isn't enough. One of the best and most cost effective ways of increasing your browser speed is by using a browser optimization program. A browser optimization program increases browser speed tremendously, and is a great addition to even the fastest internet connections, as one's internet connection can never be fast enough. A good example of an optimization program is Pal Internet Speed Booster
By using an optimization program one can greatly improve their browsing experience and spend less time loading pages and more time enjoying the websites that you are interested in.

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