Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Analysis Of New Browsers

We will discuss some lesser known browsers that are gaining in popularity. I was first exposed to the Opera back in 2000 and wasn't impressed much. I used it only for a few weeks. Now in 2008 we have Opera 9.27. It has come a very long way and it is a very impressive browser. Opera is a tabbed browser and has some cool functions built in to it that Mozilla Firefox makes you download as an add-in. That said, it loads pages quickly and doesn't use a lot of resources like Firefox does. The only complaint that I have about Opera is that it doesn't handle media well and it doesn't render some sites as well as Firefox does. I listen to a lot of talk radio and watch some TV shows online; I have found that Opera is not the best option for that.
The next Internet browser I'm going to talk about is Avant. I loved it then, but got away from it for some reason. I rediscovered the latest version and have been using it now for several weeks. Although I like it a lot, is not about to supplant Mozilla Firefox as my browser of choice, internet explorer support are common in most of the browsers
That brings us to Apple's offering - Safari. I don't like it and will be uninstalling it. It does have tabbed browsing but it is not nearly as easy to customize as the other internet browsers I've mentioned, and the customization options are limited. The speed of Apple browser is about as good as any that I tested, but when it came to sites with video content, the performance deteriorated considerably.
As I stated earlier, there are many options for surfing the net. The opinions stated in this article are just that, my opinions. That said, my opinions are based on my usage of internet , I encourage you to try them all and see which one best fits your needs. In many cases running more than one will give you the best experience on the internet, now I am analyzing new internet browse called Google Chrome, Google has launched this browser just few months back.

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