Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bing makes itself the default search in Internet Explorer 6

An alleged error on the setting irreversible. IE7 and 8 are not affected. Microsoft wants the problem with an update fix.

As Search Engine Land reported that makes Microsoft's new search engine for Bing default search in Internet Explorer 6 It overwrites the settings of the aging browser. The modified setting can not be undone.

"We have a problem with Bing on computers with Internet Explorer 6 known, and we are looking for a solution," said Microsoft. "The error does not affect Internet Explorer 7 and 8" The software vendors respect the decision of its users for a specific search provider. He announced an update to.
In the past, competition authorities, the default search engine in Microsoft's browser criticized. Since IE7, the company offers at first start of the software to a provider other than the Bing predecessor choose Live Search.

Microsoft did with Internet Explorer 6 in August 2001 to download released. Recent figures from Net Applications that had the browser in May, nearly eight years after its introduction, still has a market share of 16.94 percent. By comparison, 40.83 percent of Internet users surfing with IE7, 20.43 percent, with Firefox 3.0 and 6.85 percent with IE8.

StatsCounter The company, which offers a service counter for websites, published a series of statistics for the least surprising announcement that Bing was briefly in second position to Yahoo! Search. According to data from StatsCounter on Thursday, June 4 Bing recorded in the United States a share of 16.28% against 10.22% for Yahoo! Throughout the world, the engine was ahead of Microsoft also firm in California 5.62% against 5.13%. "It remains to be seen whether the popularity of Bing decrease after this stage of promotion, but Microsoft seems to have found a winner," said Aodhan Cullen, president of StatsCounter.

success does not persist through Yahoo! quickly resume its second place in the day June 5 As for the popularity of Bing, it decreases just as fast. According to the data StatsCounter at present Bing would have a share of 2.83% against 7.15% and 88.03% for Google.

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