Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Google's June 4, an open source web browser "Google Chrome" version of Mac

Released a Linux version. However, in a rough phase as both a developer preview version, Google does not recommend the use of the public as the development is in progress.

Chrome has so far only available in Windows, Mac users and some Linux users have been seeking. Google developers, graphical interface, and set up a sandbox Chrome process to reconstruct the components of technology, Windows OS other than working to support.

Google's Chrome, stable, beta, the developer preview version has to offer. Mac computer and Linux for Chrome for both the developer preview. It has not yet been tested a lot of bugs, the version is far from complete.

For example, Flash plug-in does not work, You Tube videos and see it again. Not implemented to manage and print your favorite, complete with privacy management. According to Google, the number of bugs that should support more than 400.

All the Mac version and try out the Linux version is not. Google spokesman Eitan Bencuya said, Linux is a version of "Debian" and "Ubuntu" is not only compatible, Mac OS X version is Intel-based Mac that work only.

Mac and Linux version of Google is the latest version, and is stable for a time when the state of beta and say, said. Bencuya and said, "I do not know yet. It is the first step."

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