Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 5 steps to optimize your web browser experience

As we all know, internet is used on large scale by business houses and other education institutions, if Internet or computer speed is slow; it reflects on the productivity of that organization.

Use these 5 steps to keep your internet explorer optimized and so do your web experience

Remove Temporary files

Due to the continuous process of installing software’s in the computer and accessing the Internet explorer, lot of junk files are accumulated in the computer ,These are basically temporary junk files, which uses computer resources , and decrease the speed of the computer , now the question arises how to delete these temporary junk files from the computer .

First of all Go to Run > type “Temp” this will open a new window, if there are temporary files in it, delete them.

Again Go to Run > and this time type %temp% and delete the files from here,

Clean up disk errors

Disk clean up (clearnmgr.exe) is a computer maintenance utility included in Microsoft Operating System; this utility cleans up all the unwanted files from the computer and increases the speed of the computer and Internet explorer. To do these go to Run and type Cleanmgr.exe, and start the disk cleaning process.

Removing unnecessary background process

Computer has lot of programs and services running in the background, which eats up a lot of computer resources, to increase the speed of the computer and Internet, we need to stop all unwanted programs and services, from our computer. It will free our computer resources and increases the performance of the computer.

Install/Reinstall the pc security software

As we all know that our computer is always prone to the threats on the Internet, so we must install proper security software i.e. virus removal software , spyware adware removal software and firewall and always update this security software.

Optimize the web browser (Internet explorer)

Using web browser for a long time, decreases the speed of the web browser, due the accumulation of lot of files, so on regular intervals take back up of cookies and bookmarks.

After that go to Tools > Internet Options >Advance and finally click on the Reset button,

If you follow these steps, it will increase the speed of the computer as well as the Internet explorer.


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