Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adjust the size of your cache and delete your History and Cookies

Traditionally Internet Explorer has set the size of its temporary internet files folder to a percentage of total disk space. In recent times, with the huge decreases in hard drive capacity, this has led to the case being set to ridiculously large sizes... far too around 1 inch of IE to be able to cope reliably. Web sites may go slow, pictures may stop displaying, hyperlinks may stop working (actually, they haven't stopped working, its just that IE is collapsing under the weight 0f all that saved data), you may see the classic "page cannot be displayed" error... and that's just for starters.

If your cache is set far too large, IE7 will reduce it to 1024MB the first time that you click on the Settings button for Browsing History Settings button, but I have found this is still too large.

Click on IE, Tools, Internet Options, General Tab, Settings

Set your IE cache to between 50 and 250 Meg (I recommend 50 - 100)

Next, delete all temporary internet files, including offline content (IE tools, Internet Options, General tab, Delete button). Delete your IE history and all cookies. Then, restart IE.

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