Friday, August 14, 2009

Uninstalling IE7 (Windows XP only)

Before Uninstalling Please Complete the following steps.

  • Set a restore point ( If something unwanted happens)
  • Disable antivirus, antispyware, crashguards etc.
  • Shut down all other running programmes (except for windowsfirewall) - that includes Messenger, Windows Defender, OneCare - don't forget to exit via systray icons as well.
  • Turn off Automatic Updates until you have uninstalled all you want, rebooted twice, installed what you want and rebooted twice - once you've done that, turn Automatic Updates back on.

The IE7 installer will automatically remove any beta versions of IE7, or the Release Candidate version, automatically as part of the upgrade to IE7 final.

If you decide to uninstall a previous beta of IE7 separately and before running the IE7 final installer, please reboot TWICE after the old build of IE7 has been removed. This is because on first boot after uninstalling IE7 there are several processes that occur before Windows finishes loading. Sometimes things don't *quite* get cleaned up properly, and that second boot ensures that we're working with as clean a slate as possible and that there are no left over tasks hanging around that may mess things up.

IE7 Final

Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down to Windows Internet Explorer. Remove (Windows XP only)

If the option shown above does not appear, make sure "view hidden folders" is enabled (Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab).

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