Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pre-installation advice for IE7

Follow the below steps before installing Internet Explorer Some may not agree with my advice, but years of experience have shown this to be best practice...

1. The first thing to do is READ THE RELEASE NOTES. There are known issues and you may save yourself hours of grief if you make sure you are informed before you install IE7.
2. Set a restore point (just in case).
3. Turn off Automatic Updates (believe me, you'll thank me later if you've already installed an IE7 beta or RC build).
4. Disable protective software such as antivirus support, antispyware and crash guards.
6. Stay connected to the internet.
7. Shut down all running programmes - that includes Messenger, Windows Defender, and OneCare - don't forget to check the systray icons as well.
8. Install Internet Explorer 7. Reboot *twice* before running your new Web browser for the first time.
9. Don't forget to re-enable your antivirus, third party firewall and other protective software now that you're finished.
10. Do not reinstall any version of Microsoft Windows in any way after you install Internet Explorer 7. Do not upgrade Windows in place or upgrade to a new edition. You must uninstall IE7 and reboot twice before attempting to repair, reinstall or upgrade Windows:;en-us;917964


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