Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Try spoofing IE6

Many sites provide many types of CSS styles to suit the Web browser that is visiting the site. Reality is that IE has done a real bad job in the past when it comes to CSS, and it is inevitable, when MS suddenly starts getting things right, that a lot of sites are suddenly going to break.

If changing the UAS (User Agent String) does not help your problem, please report the site in the newsgroups and to MS using the standard feedback options. Also, please send feedback to the site's owners so that they will be aware that they have to update their sites.


Yes, malware. Viruses, spyware, foistware, malware. There is stuff that may have been undetectable when it was installed. The real bad guys use cutting edge code to try and infect you. There is no antivirus or spyware removal product on this planet that can protect us from everything. There will always be a window of opportunity between a virus/explioit being used, and detection being added to various protective softwares. This is why you must rescan on a daily basis, even if previous scans were clean and you have not been on the internet since.

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