Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vista's Failures Behind the Origin of Windows 7

If the new Windows 7 operating system goes down well with users, then the cusomers will have much to thank to the Windows Vista. The new Windows 7 has been totally devised and built by improvising on the features that were earlier harbored in Vista. The PC industry took valuable lessons from the Vista and with some co-operation from the consumers through feedbacks, Microsoft along with other computer makers came up with the standard way for business operating system. With Apple always behind its tail and coming strong, the software giants realized it was high time for them to also come up with a fabulous operating system.

Windows 7 XP Mode is one of the features which originated from healthy communications between the Redmond company and the PC makers. Redmond was subdued by the Vista's response and when the time came to plan the upcoming version, the fresh new ideas were compiled and discussed with PC makers by Microsoft. This was a new strategy from them, as in the past they would just develop Windows in the dark That marked a huge change from past releases, where, as some PC makers described it, Microsoft would just develop windows in secret and then just pass on the project to another developer with little communication.

Till the time of Vista, this was what Microsoft always did with implementing ideas and releasing them. However, it wasn't the same this time it got its head together thinking and sharing its ideas and even sought inputs from committed engineering teams and computer manufacturers and makers. They addressed all the issues together that was bound to be focussed on its designs. Even the changes brought about have not been high-end and, in fact, were quite discreet than the ones in Vista, the new OS has gone down well with reviewers and testers alike.

This partnership with computer makers have yielded a lot of good for Microsoft. The co-operation has given way to several remarkable features in the new OS apart from the basic major improvement of making computing tasks easier and a lot simpler to handle. There is now support for iPhone-style touch interfaces. This is a strong indication of the tie-up with PC manufacturers. The computer makers also admitted to coming up with strong ideas to improvise on Microsoft's new OS Their fingerprints can be traced all over the product especially from the way it gives support to touch input. Some that came directly from the computer makers were the ones on Windows 7 Starter. This version was directed towards the Netbooks industry.